Core Values

Made to be Re-Made, Responsible Supply Chains, Black & White Transparency

Made to be Re-Made

We're on a mission to reduce waste by creating premium quality essentials that are not only made to last but can be re-made into new products at the end of their life. 

For us sustainability is not only about making the best product in the most sustainable way, but also taking responsibility for that product.

 It's why we started a circular clothing company to close the loop on fashion and give people a better choice.

Responsible Supply Chains

To make the best products we use the best factories. Factories that sustain and promote fair labour practices, safe working conditions and environmental responsibility. 

For complete product transparency we develop our own responsible supply chains and every supplier must meet our standards for business, quality, environmental and social standards.

Black & White Transparency

Transparency is a great tool for change, and we believe our customers should know the true value of their clothing. 

On every product page you will find a link to the factory that makes that product and a cost breakdown of how much it costs to make it.

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