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Founded in 2019, PLAINANDSIMPLE prioritizes creating high-quality everyday clothes designed for recycling or composting. Their mission goes beyond just sustainable production; they strive to minimize waste with products that benefit the planet. PLAINANDSIMPLE operates as a circular clothing company, ensuring responsibility for their garments throughout the entire lifecycle. This approach offers value to customers, eliminates clothing waste, and empowers consumers to make eco-conscious choices.

PLAINANDSIMPLE prioritizes premium, sustainable materials built to endure countless washes while remaining eco-friendly. They exclusively use GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton, making their essentials the embodiment of comfort, durability, and sustainability.

PLAINANDSIMPLE collaborates with top-tier factories that prioritize fair labor practices, safe working conditions, and environmental responsibility. To ensure complete transparency, they develop their own responsible supply chains. Every supplier must meet their stringent standards for business practices, quality, environmental impact, and social responsibility.

PLAINANDSIMPLE champions transparency as a key driver for positive change. Believing their customers deserve to understand the true value of their clothing, PLAINANDSIMPLE provides a link to the factory behind each product on their website. Additionally, they offer a detailed breakdown of the manufacturing costs for each item.


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