Made to be Re-Made, 
It's Plainandsimple

We're on a mission to reduce waste by creating premium quality basics that are not only made to last but can be re-made into new products at the end of their life. 

For us sustainability is about making the best product in the most sustainable way and taking responsibility for that product at the end of its life. 

It's why we started a circular clothing company to close the loop on fashion and give people a better choice and planet.

Our Kickstarter Story

Each year we purchase around eighty billion new pieces of clothing. With 73% going to landfill and only 1% being recycled back into new clothing.

We wanted to change this by creating fully circular basics, bringing value back to the customer and making it easy for everyone to make a difference.

In October of 2020 we launched and successfully funded our first Kickstarter campaign bringing Plainandsimple to life.

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